Lunar Base Niven - WIP

Created the first version of this about a year ago as a result of the surface base tutorials by ar81. Originally in was located in the crater Gassendi on lunar Nearside. Moved it to Jules Verne on Farside - seems to be a lack of bases on that side, IMO.
A lot of the original buildings were over sized. Didn't want to release this because there was nothing original about - all derivative. Then I learned how to use Anim8or.

Some features are like icebergs: most of the volume is below the surface. So far, the hangar entrances and the hab domes fall into this category.

Since the base is located on Farside, I decided it needed a radio telescope facility.
The dish for the VLA is a true paraboloid, with the receiver horn at the focus.

Still need to design a power plant for the long 2 week lunar night.

I want to animate portions of the hab domes eventually. I'm saving those lessons for later.
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