I have to show my utter disdain for Apollo moon hoax conspiratorial nut cases.  Especially in the light of the images coming back from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), now in its final mapping orbit altitude of 50 km (27 nautical miles).  The resolution on the photo is down to about 2 feet, which means you can clearly see the tracks left by the lunar rovers on Apollo missions 15-17, and see the footprint trails left by the astronauts at ALL landing sites.

Below is Apollo 11, the famous Tranquility Base:

Next is a video tour of Apollo 17 (the last Apollo mission), in the valley of Taurus-Littrow:

I almost forgot to note the 40th anniversary of Apollo 12, from November 14, 1969 to November 24, 1969.  Lunar landing occurred on the 19th, at 0154 EST:

As of this blog entry 40 years ago, Apollo 12 was preparing for and executing the TEI burn (Trans Earth Injection), after spending the previous 24 hrs in lunar orbit photographing the surface to aid future missions.

All photo credits go to NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University.
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