New Arabic Sensitivity Administration

The alternate title has to be, "NASA = No Americans in Space Anymore."  But I couldn't use it since it had already been taken by American Thinker.

I mistakenly thought that the final straw was this issue.  I stand corrected.  Now NASA is tasked with outreach to the Muslim world.  Please...they're still stuck somewhere in the 7th century.  One of the few things I was still proud about (you know, about my country) has now become a joke due to the present regime in the White House.  Glad I voted for the American.

Another web site ran a Photoshop contest for the new NASA logo. Here's the winner:

IMO, the real contribution:

The last one kinda cuts like a knife...

Remember, dear reader (if any) the following:

In space, no one can hear you scream, "Allah Akbar!"
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