You know you're addicted to Orbiter when...

Hat tip to n122vu (see below).

The title refers to this thread on Orbiter-Forum.  Basically, a thread to post humorous musings about the fanatical obsession some have with this simulation.

Some of mine:

...when you refer to your vehicle's cruise control as an autopilot.

...when you subscribe to a newsfeed from Orbiter-Forum and see a topic "What is the point of this game?"...and KNOW before you get to the forum it will have dozens of replies AND be locked out by a moderator.

...when a friend has an Orbiter question about "Mission 1 - DG to ISS", and you ask him to email the scenario and when you get home you load and run it and then call him back and "walk" him through it. And, you finish helping your friend at 0130 local time.  [You're welcome Jon]

...when you plan to learn C++ just to make Orbiter addons.

The funniest I've seen to date was posted by n122vu:

...when every time your daughter's toy says "Press the baby monkey!" you immediately think to your self "Roger Houston, Discovery is press to baby monkey."

 OK, it "may be" obscure to those not-in-the-know.  Still damn funny.
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