USS Flasher Reactor Compartment

I saw this on the USS Flasher's Facebook page.  Full credit for both photo and comment to Mike Baka (whom I only know through reputation).  His boat nickname was "Chewy", for obvious reasons.

I was there at Hanford, Washington and took the photo. As it turned out, Flasher's SRC (Submarine Reactor Compartment) was buried about a quarter-mile from my office. As an ex-ELT who had spent a fair amount of time in that space, I thought it was poignant and ironic that her final resting place was so close by.


PRIORITY MESSAGE September 15, 1993

To: All Hanford Employees


On Sunday, September 19, Routes 2 South and 11-A will be closed. The road closures are necessary to permit the transport of the ex-USS Flasher (SSN 613), a defueled submarine reactor compartment, from the Port of Benton to the 200 East Area.
As a RO (Reactor Operator), I didn't spend much time in that space (perhaps 6 entries).  But an ELT (Engineering Laboratory Technician) had to do a lot of surveys inside as part of his job.  What can't be seen in the photo is the "tunnel", the access between the compartments fore and aft of the reactor.  While on watch as AMSUL (Auxiliary Machinery Space Upper Level), I visited the tunnel once an hour to take log readings.  Part of that job was to inspect the reactor compartment through leaded glass windows and a rotatable mirror.

Enough reminiscing.  Break's over...back on my head.
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