Veterans Day

Today, it has the added distinction of being all binary (11/11/11).  But only if an artificial date format is used.  I could post this at the 11th hour today too, in remembrance of the original proclamation.

Since 2000, one veteran I never fail to remember this day is my father Allen.  He died the day after his 75th birthday that year.  He served as a crew member with a B-24 Liberator bomb group assigned to protect the Canal Zone (Panama Canal) during World War 2.

Ironically, the only action he ever saw was, "while on patrol east of the Canal, they saw a dark shape under the water, but by the time they circled around for a 2nd pass, it had disappeared."  Had to be a German U-Boat.

While at the mortuary making the funeral arrangements, I was the only child to remember the last honor promised to him by, "a grateful nation".  I asked my brother Paul (who also served with me in the US Navy), who should receive the flag...he deferred that honor to me.

I do miss him, but I do have the sure knowledge of seeing him again.  Reference I Thessalonians 4:13-18.

What actually inspired this post was the following YouTube video:

In closing, the difference between Thanksgiving and Veterans Day:

If you can read this thank a teacher...

If you can read this in English, thank a Veteran.

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