Lunar Base Niven v.3.0 FIXED!

I released ver. 3.0 knowing it had a flashing issue with the animated vessels.  I searched both the old M6 forum and the current Orbiter-Forum for solutions and came up with nothing.  I figured that not only would I get smart a$$ comments (here and here) but I would also get helpful suggestions (here and here).

From the 1st suggestion posted by Loru (change COG to >0), I was able to quickly find that it also needed the landing points changed in the original Spacecraft3 config file...as suggested by woo482.  As I was running out of time yesterday morning and had to leave for work, I did manage to get the issue resolved but yet not upload said changes until this morning.  A quick recompile via the DLL converter and changing the documentation and the zip file...and an update on the "Hangar".

Being indebted to both Loru and woo482, my humble and small thanks was to include them in the credits.

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Here's the song on YouTube:

Better a smart a$$ than a dumb a$$!
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