Here's the math:  2011-1776=235.

For those of you wishing to review The Declaration of Independence, click here. I fear this tradition may be going out of fashion.

Some of you may say, "There goes Mike waving the flag again...".  True - guilty as charged.  But until YOU have spent a watch or two on the pointy end of the spear (or married to someone who has)...please be respectful.

Actually, without first celebrating one's Dependence Day, Independence Day has no meaning.

Credits to both the US Navy and YouTube for the embedded video.  Some highlights I found to be worth mentioning:

  • 29 seconds - little girl wearing cracker jacks.
  • 38 seconds - a midshipman taking the oath.
  • 46 seconds - USS Constitution.
  • 2 min 4 secs - USS Utah Memorial (vastly improved since my visit in 1988 while a resident of Ford Island for 6 weeks).
  • 2 min 18 secs - Very sad.  Been on the receiving end of that tradition during my father's funeral in 2000.

Enjoy the fireworks!  My first Independence Day in the Navy ('84) was spent listening to the display...after all, I was still in boot camp and it was after Taps.  I was compensated 2 years later by watching them from the bank of the Snake River in Idaho Falls, Idaho, with my family (wife, 1 daughter, 1 son on the way).
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