Apollo 15 - 40 years

Yes, it is anniversary announcement time again.

Apollo 15 flew 40 years ago, from July 26, 1971 to August 7, 1971.  It still remains my favorite mission of the Apollo series - and my scenario pack for this mission was my first Orbiter add-on.
It was the only mission I witnessed on TV from beginning to end.  That was because it happened in the summer during school break between 3rd and 4th grades.

This date mission event was lunar landing at 6:16:29 PM EDT on July 30, 1971.

Mission firsts:
  • First mission to use the Lunar Rover.
  • First and only mission to incorporate a SEVA (Standing Extra Vehicular Activity).
  • First mission to demonstrate a "Mr. Wizard" moment, i.e., dropping of the hammer and feather in vacuum.
  • First all Air Force derived crew
  • First deployment of a satellite while in lunar orbit.
  • First EVA performed between Earth and Moon.
  • First and only graduate of East High School (in SLC, UT) to walk on the Moon.  See photo below.
Courtesy of NASA.  Photo of Jim Irwin saluting the flag.

Jim Irwin remains the only astronaut I've seen in person.  He visited his high school alma mater to speak to the student body.
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