Urban Dictionary: SCE to AUX

From Urban Dictionary:

Narrowly averting a catastrophe by coming up with an ingenious plan.

From the Apollo 12 moon mission. The ship was struck by lighting on liftoff and its electronic systems went out of whack. A Flight controller named John Aaron told the flight director to have them switch "SCE to AUX". This fixed the problem and saved Apollo 12 from being aborted.
         "I thought you were going to fail that test?"
         "I stole the test and got an A"
         "Way to switch the SCE to AUX!"

"So I hear your girlfriend caught you cheating"
"Yeah but she didn't break up with me"
"How did you manage that?"
"I switched the SCE to AUX"
 Hat tip to jedimaster1214 for posting this on O-F.

On a personal note, I REALLY need to look for that switch on ATMs.

EDIT: As of 6/25/2012, I haven't located this switch on any ATM, however, I did find it in an Orbiter add-on (NASSP).  I took screen shots and cropped them:

Found on Panel 3, centerline, near the bottom edge.

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